When you run a commercial business, keeping the surroundings green and vibrant is a great way to promote a happy environment for employees to work in. Unfortunately, maintaining greenery can also drive your water consumption through the roof. Although there’s no need to completely remove plants and grasses from your property, there are simple steps you can take to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible with your water. Reducing your consumption is great for your company as it saves you money and great for the planet as well.

Make Use of Meters

You can’t establish an effective conservation plan if you don’t have good data to base it on. That’s why it’s so important to use dedicated meters for different areas of your consumption. When you have dedicated meters for your cooling tower and your irrigation systems, you can determine just how much water each is using to allow you to find areas where your building is being wasteful.

Attentive Irrigation is Essential

Setting your irrigation systems up to run automatically can lighten the load around your facility a bit, however, it also adds inefficiency into your system. When it’s raining and your automatic irrigation system kicks on, you’re wasting water on plants that are already getting everything they need from nature. You should also monitor your plants and see if you can reduce the frequency of watering without harming the plants until you find the ideal schedule. Finally, make sure that all of your irrigation is actually landing on areas which need irrigation. Your parking lot doesn’t need to be watered, so don’t be wasteful with a sprinkler that extends onto the blacktop.

There’s More to Conservation Than Plants

Another easy way to improve your water efficiency is to look at your faucets and bathroom fixtures. Transitioning to low flow bathroom systems, and no-touch faucets make for maximum water efficiency and can lead to big savings.

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