New building or old there are some common commercial plumbing repairs required in high rise and low rise buildings that can potentially cause serious issues that can include:


Office Closures

Repair Related Noise

Other Challenges

If you are a facility engineer or property manager looking for commercial plumbing services we recommend that you choose one that is experienced and knowledgeable with a track record in providing services for some of the challenges shown below.

Water Booster Pump Replacement – Booster pumps are designed to raise or boost water pressure by being installed in the water supply line where low pressure exists. There are a variety of commercial and industrial uses and have a large range of pump sizes and types.

Sump pumps and sewage detectors – these types of pumps are used for storm drain water and sewage discharge. They should be maintained at least on an annual basis.

Water & Fire Backflow Device Repair & Replacement – Backflow preventers are also called cross-connection controls because they prevent and control the connection between contaminated water and clean water. They must maintain different levels of pressure, meaning that backflow preventers are constantly under high levels of pressure from two different sides. Thus, these devices may need repairs to keep them working properly.

Common repairs include:

  • Replacing O-rings and diaphragms to prevent seeping or leakage
  • Repairing check modules, seats, and disc assemblies to maintain pressure
  • Fixing reduced pressure zone assemblies so contaminated water flows there instead of into the main water supply
  • Replacing the springs for spring-loaded assemblies

To control cross-connections, backflow preventers rely on many different parts that all have important responsibilities. Keeping these parts in good condition can help you prevent a backflow disaster.

Water Storage Tank Pump System Replacement – Although the principles behind water tanks seem relatively simple, their construction and maintenance requires skilled professionals. Replacing a tank that provides domestic water to a building can take one or more days. This may involve draining of domestic water system and water shutdown. Water shut downs are a critical problem so you need an experienced contractor that will get you back online ASAP.

Water Re-Pipes in High Rises, Restaurants, and Industrial Buildings:

  • Low water pressure
  • Galvanized to copper re-pipe
  • Drainage/Venting – Sewer Gas

Pipe Section Replacement – When the time comes to replace plumbing risers planning and logistics are extremely important. The most important aspect of this type of work is to minimize hardships for the building’s tenants and owners. Walls need to be opened, cabinets need to be moved, water needs to be shut down and turned on all while the building is occupied.

These are all examples of what we call “complex” issues and if not handled by professionals they can result in significant downtime. That’s why at Andersen we focus exclusively on high rise, low rise, and industrial plumbing projects. Our staff of professionals has the experience, knowledge, training and track record to insure your project’s success