Have you ever wondered how a plumbing company can advertise service in an hour or less?

Or, how they are able to send their plumbers out for free estimates on every job because they will not give you an estimate over the phone?

They can do this because they don’t pay their plumbers for waiting or giving estimates. Instead, they pay them a commission for each job they do.

Now, we all know what motivates both a plumber or service tech who is paid hourly and one who is paid on commission. But take a look at the standards we use for wage increases in our company and compare that to how a commission plumber increases his wage.

Hourly Plumbers

  • Quality of work
  • Cleanliness of job site
  • Efficient use of time
  • Professional and courteous conduct

Commission Plumbers

  • Ability to sell you the job
  • Ability to sell you extra work
  • Maximizing the cost of each job

Unlike commission plumbers, hourly plumbers do not earn any percentage of work or parts billed out, so they are never tempted to sell you anything you don’t need. Instead, they are able to focus on what they do best, plumbing!

The way commission plumbers are able to maximize the cost of each job is by providing the customer with a flat rate. By doing this, they are able to hide extremely high charges from the unsuspecting customer. We charge an hourly rate so you can easily see the cost breakdown of our labor and materials.

A lot of local residential/commercial plumbers use the “ Flat Rate or Commission Sales System” so beware.

In Addition:

All we do is Commercial Plumbing. We do not do residential work. Our plumbers are trained to work on commercial buildings and high rises. Our trucks are stocked with parts for commercial buildings not houses so we will most likely have the parts needed to fix your building plumbing on our trucks. We are not selling plumbing to the lady at the corner house on one call and then selling to the property manager on the next call.

Try Andersen Commercial Plumbing out on your next service call and I guarantee you will be very pleased with our service and our pricing.