As a Facility or Property Manager there are several things that you can do in advance of an emergency situation to MINIMIZE Service Downtime and MAXIMIZE Client Satisfaction even in the roughest of conditions.

“Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere and when they do you need service, you need it fast, no matter what time of the day or night.”

It’s seldom a good idea to just go with the first contractor you find in the middle of the night. Do your homework! Interview potential vendors, and, if possible, have a provider selected BEFORE any emergencies arise.

Things to consider when choosing a commercial plumbing contractor include:

· Response Time. A quality plumbing contractor will respond in a timely manner, not only for the work itself, but for estimates, invoices, customer service questions, and follow-up.

· Knowledge & Experience. Interview all providers as you would a potential employee. Look for a provider who has a proven track record with a variety of commercial plumbing projects.

· Flexibility. Quality contractors will have the ability – and willingness – to handle any job, from the smallest to the largest.

· Service Track Record. In the end, it all comes down to service. Make sure your chosen provider has a stellar service record. Do your research online, and don’t be shy about asking for and calling references.

· Liability Insurance. Reduce your risk and ensure beforehand that your chosen service provider is properly covered with enough Liability Insurance for any potential emergency situation.

Emergency situations are all unique, but there are some common things that you should expect your contractor to do for you during an emergency:

  1. Immediate confirmation of service. You should expect a call-back to confirm that the plumber is on the way to your site.
  2. Provide estimated time of arrival. Quality contractors always let you know when to expect the professional to arrive on the scene.
  3. Provide contact information. Ideally, your chosen contractor will give you both a cell phone number to reach the plumber who has been dispatched to your job AND a call-back number for the dispatch team in case the plumber doesn’t arrive at the estimated time or any other issues come up.
  4. Communicate. Your chosen provider should be able to quickly assess the emergency situation and convey the plan of action to your facility staff, as well as keep them up-to-date on any other issues that may arise.
  5. Expert service…with a smile. Sounds trite, but during an emergency, you want a contractor whose staff has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done quickly with courteous, polite service.

Downtime affects productivity and profits, so you may want to consider a Service Contract with your chosen vendor to mitigate costs of labor, parts, and materials, especially during emergencies. Another advantage of a Service Contract is that, with regular scheduled maintenance, most emergencies can be prevented from happening in the first place.

If you manage a high-rise or industrial commercial building in Los Angeles and have a plumbing emergency, Andersen Commercial Plumbing’s staff is ready to help. You’ll talk to a live person who will locate the closest available plumber to respond to your emergency quickly.

Our plumbers are radio- and cell-phone dispatched and have their fully stocked service vehicles standing by to quickly respond to your needs. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Andersen is ready to respond to your leak, clogged drain or any other commercial plumbing emergency.