Ensuring the smooth operation of your business facilities is one of the most important services that a commercial plumbing service can provide you.

Having access to a commercial plumber will ensure that any necessary installations, repair, service and replacements to your plumbing equipment can be done in a timely fashion. Commercial plumbers can deal with problems that relate to not only your plumbing fixtures but your roof drains, septic tank, water heaters, grease traps, water and gas lines.

For existing buildings, a commercial plumbing service can not only help with necessary repairs but also advise on any suggested plumbing upgrades that can help with reducing the business’ operating costs including installing more water efficient toilets.

Estimating project cost should never be a “guessing game” So what are some of the common variables in project costs?

  • Labor – estimated skilled worker hours required
  • Tools – any specialized tools or lifts that may be required
  • Service Area –distance from the focused service delivery area
  • Priority – immediate, soon, as available
  • Access – any special access requirements for rooftop, elevator shaft, etc.
  • Quality – using commercial grade materials and parts
  • Warranty – length of time that the company will repair repeating damages

All of these factors play a part in a solid project cost estimate. Searching online for anything to do with a project costing calculator is fruitless and leads to countless websites that just list names of plumbers. How lame is that? So for now it requires a quick call to an expert to get a good project cost estimate.

How long should it take for a commercial plumbing contractor to provide an estimate?

What would be a good response time? Many vendors believe that if they provide you an estimate within 48 hours they have over delivered. At Andersen Commercial Plumbing our estimating service is our first chance to show you our superior service delivery at every point in the plumbing process.

What information is provided in a final estimate?

A final estimate generally includes a Labor and Material Breakdown of the final cost and the Lead Time for materials and the length of time it will take to complete the job.  Exclusions and additional information may be requested by the customer.

Turn around time for Andersen estimates is typically less than 24 hours and often in as little as 2 hours.